Linda Ikeji Playing Table Tennis with Dele Momodu in her Banana Island Mansion

Dele Momodu of ovation playing table tennis with linda ikeji the blogger
Linda Ikeji and Dele Momodu Playing Table Tennis In Ikeji's Mansion

Linda  and Dele in a table tennis game. Who wins?

Success they  say is sweet and has a lot of friends, but failure is an orphan.

Linda Ikeji  is one of the Africa’s top female bloggers that has achieved  wealth and fame  through gossip blogging niche.

Ikeji has a very inspiring story on blogging which she said she blogged for a couple of years without earning a dime from it but didn’t give up  because she saw the big picture(the Tejubaby face Show).

But today, she swims in millions from the same business she use to beg companies to advertise free of charge with years back.

Linda recently acquired a mansion in the wealthy banana island in Lagos and said it feels good to wake up in the morning seeing  one’s self being neighbours with great and wealthy people in the likes of Mike Adenuga and others.

All one can learn from her story is hard work and the favour of God pays.

Linda Ikeji
Linda Ikeji

Dele Momodu playing  Tennis with Linda

Dele Momodu paid linda a visit yesterday in her mansion and they decided to relax by playing table tennis in her recreational spot.

Dele Momodu describes himself as “A teacher, writer, polemicist, publisher, politician, entrepreneur, speaker, actor, mentor, Philanthropist, Ambassador Plenipotentiary and global citizen!”

As  we all know all of the above and even more.

Dele has made a name mostly in business,  publishing and later in politics and so on. He is great in his own way and capacity. He owns Ovation International magazine, Ovation TV,  House of Ovation Restaurant (in Ghana), Online Newspaper called The Boss.

Dele is the author of an article published every Sunday on ThisDay newspaper titled PENdulum.

His visit to linda Ikeja comes to many of his fans as a usual thing, but others criticize him for getting that close to Linda saying such closeness that wasn’t there hitherto could begin to send wrong signals to the society.

Dele momodu who visited Linda Ikeji
Dele Momodu

First some argue that Linda is pretty, rich and single and may be searching though may not want to go for a married man but temptation can turn any man to any thing .

Others argue that both are adults and have their private lives to live.

Perhaps , one of the pains in becoming famous is that you are automatically placed in the  watching eye of the media. They follow you anywhere you go and echo whatever you say.  Funny? No, not funny to the person in the situation.

Because privacy is lost.  Having said that, there are a lot of advantages to be famous and to become a celebrity.

Linda Ikeji mansion
Linda Ikeji’s Mansion in Banana Island

What is your opinion on this matter? We will appreciate your comments.

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