“life belongs to God and nobody will remain on seat forever” says Buhari is a tyrant -Governor  Fayose

Gov. Fayose of Ekiti
Gov. Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State

Buhari is a tyrant- Fayose

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has warned that life belongs only to God as nobody remains on a seat forever.

There is a strong indication that the feud between Governor Fayose and President Buhari over  on some political differences has not ended as Fayose has painted his mind black and white in an interview with Channels Tv.

From Fayose’s disposition in this interview, it appears he is indeed a fearless leader.

He said only God owns life and can take it any time and people in leadership positions must know they cannot remain in those positions forever, referring to the government of Buhari.

“life belongs to God and nobody will remain on seat forever”

Fayose is unhappy that the EFCC goes about harassing the states and promised to challenge and subdue their powers from doing so.

“I will challenge power of EFCC to be harassing states”

He accused President Buhari of being a tyrant who has no regards for human dignity and rule of law.

While talking briefly on the sacking of some Military officers in connection with his last election, said he has the penchant for defeating incumbents as he is the only Governor in Nigeria to defeat two incumbent governors.

He mentioned his electoral success over Oni and recently against Fayemi.

Fayose said when he formed alliance with Fayemi to defeat Oni, there was no indictment of military, but now that it is APC the opposition is looking for a way to indict him.

“I am the First Governor in Nigeria to defeat two incumbent Governors at  two attempts” –he said.

He also said “Corruption is Bad, but don’t take away the life of human beings” with regards to dasuki, kanu, Metuh and others some of whom the courts have ordered their release but were still detained illegally.

The governor further asked the  manner of computers or devices to be used by the President and his vice for budgeting the whooping sum of N363m to be spent on internet data alone in 2016? Fayose asked if the devices were made in heaven?

Governor Fayose dismissed some allegations of the Federal Government against his government saying, the Government of Buhari criticized his stomach infrastructure programme, yet the Buhari government budgeted N8bn on feeding of  indigent people in 2016?

“I support the fight against corruption because have gone through it” –  Governor Fayose declared.

He further reiterated that he is not afraid of anyone.

While some Nigerians have continue to encourage President Buhari on his fight against corruption, others warned that the fight must be encompassing to avoid making  it look likean attempt to gaga the opposition.

Besides,  they said Buhari should stop fighting only PDP but investigate all other opposition parties including the ruling party APC members.


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