If the people of Biafra want to go, let them go – Senator Matori

Nnamdi Kanu- Biafra should be allowed to go
Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB

Senator Matori said Nigeria should allow biafra to go

Let Biafra Go

One time senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator  Salisu Ibrahim Musa Matori said if the people of Biafra want to go, they should be allowed to go.

Any part of Nigeria that wishes to leave should be listened to and possibly allowed to be on their own.

Matori  who represented  Bauchi south  senatorial district from 1999 to 2003 in the senate, said Nigeria has gotten to a cross road, “It is either for us as a nation to agree that we want to live together or otherwise, but we must learn from the mistakes of others.

“If the people of Biafra want to go, let them go. Let this administration not make the mistake of forcing people to live where they don’t want to live,”

He warned that Nigeria must not allow the situation to degenerate into some unsafe ethnic struggle saying the most paramount thing is the people’s interest which must override the selfish interest of their leaders.

Senator Matori pointed out that the case of Southern Sudan should stand  as an eye opener to Nigeria, stating that all option put forward by all parties should be objectively appraised and thoroughly considered , as failure to do so might result in something regrettable at the long run.

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Matori said Nigerians need to come to a  round table and talk, however noting that the talk shouldn’t be in a usual manner of national conference where people just come with hidden agenda to propose.

The elder statesman reiterated that it is because people later introduced religion into politics in Nigeria that is why the Nigerian state is having some complex socio-political and religious problems today.

“When we were kids, we didn’t know the difference between Christians and Muslim. We used to love each other and live in peace, families have both Christians and Muslims before, but they introduced religion in politics.”

“We have seen what has happened in Kaduna and Plateau, so enough is enough, anybody that feels they can Balkanize Nigeria, it’s enough, they should go,”  he summarised.

Recall that after MASSOB had piped low in recent years specifically in 2012, Nnamdi Kanu formed a new group of Biafra called the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) with the same ideology of seceding from the Nigerian nation.

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Biafra has always been of the opinion that the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorate by Sir Lord Fredrick  Lugard  in 1914 was a scam, an illegal forceful  marriage of  people of different ethnicities , historical, religious, language and political origins and backgrounds.

Biafra insists that the amalgamation explains the several problems faced by Nigeria,  and also the is the reason the ibos have been marginalized (the claim)

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