January 23, 2016

fraud in 2016 budget presented by Buhari

fraud in 2016 budget presented by Buhari
Fraud in 2016 Budget

Before the April 2015 general election, I guess no Nigerian ever envisaged there will be an alarming fraud in 2016 budget like this.

Nigerians were prepared to see a change having sat under a PDP government for over 15 years seen as been highly corrupt, wasteful, lack of good economic strategies and upheld impunity with seriousness.
Most people were actually persuaded to vote Buhari not because he was a saint or messiah, but because the PDP government was believed to have performed woefully in the 16 years of their governance hence expected better succor soon.
Note: I am not a PDP, APC or any political party member and didn’t even vote for GEJ in the last general election.
I am just a Nigerian who is worried over the hardship, pain, poverty of our people occasioned by governments’ economic destruction, impunity, corruption and mismanagement of our common resources.
During the last general election, Nigerians felt voting Buhari was going to bring them back to the days where things were working.
Yes, one can argue that it is less than a year since Buhari came into power hence he needs more time to put things in the right perspective.
Hey! Even though, nobody expects magic from Buhari in a short time, this government is 9 months old this January; we are yet to start seeing even signs aside from the corruption fight raving across the country.
The anti-corruption fight is commendable though, but if you are forward thinking you will not want to shut down the whole country just because you are pursuing corrupt people.
As a Nigerian and a man who believes in doing the right thing at the right time, I think Buhari is been misguided in so many areas.
Nigerians would have hissed a sigh of relieve despite how bad the situation of the country is at the moment had it been the 2016 budget came out with clear, masses-driven figures and facts.
Unfortunately, the 2016 budget is a far cry from this.
For a government that rode on the weaknesses of the previous governments to come into power to present such a fraudulent document in the name of budget, it is painful and hopeless for Nigerians as far as objective thinking is concerned.
2016 Budget in View
A total of about 6 trillion Naira has been planned to be spent in 2016.
Nigerians expected to have a people-friendly , masses-based and fraud-proof 2016 budget given that they have suffered for so long.
But with what we have seen , I can only say it is unfortunate.
Areas I have issues with in the Budget:
Perhaps we may need to compare GEJ’s previous figures with Buhari’s figures to help us understand the magnitude of the fraud.
Feeding per year
N1 billion in 2011 (with much criticism he reduced down in 2013 see below)
N717.3 million in 2013
N542 million in 2014
N530 million in 2015

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