January 28, 2016

Death : See How I Escaped By Whiskers

Arm Robber whom i escaped death from

Escaped Death narrowly

Death comes anytime because we all know, no man knows his day of death. But this day, God helped me to escape death narrowly.

Of Course, the human heart is the seat of power of the complete existence of man. From the heart emanates the power to do good or  evil.

From the heart lies affection or hate, strength or  weakness, healing or pain,  reconciliation or malice , success or failure etc.

Pretty Damsel - Painfully We lose Her

pretty damsel

This incident happened  years back when I was still very young where a lose a pretty damsel.

Back in my home town in the village  then lived a herbalist  who claimed to be good  at treating all sorts of illnesses using herbs combined with spiritual powers.

He treated patients who suffered from all forms of sicknesses such as leprosy, rheumatism, migraine, fracture, schizophrenia, epilepsy, bad breath, all kinds of eye problems etc.

Governor Wike

Governor Wike
Governor Nyesom Wike

Wike Wins Supreme Court Election Case

The Governor of River State, Barr. Nyesom  Wike can now hiss a sigh of relief as the apex court , the Supreme Court has declared him the winner of 2015 governorship election in River State.

The Supreme Court in upholding the victory of Wike said full details of the verdict will be brought out on 12th February 2016.

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