Pretty Damsel – Painfully We lose Her

pretty damsel

This incident happened  years back when I was still very young where a lose a pretty damsel.

Back in my home town in the village  then lived a herbalist  who claimed to be good  at treating all sorts of illnesses using herbs combined with spiritual powers.

He treated patients who suffered from all forms of sicknesses such as leprosy, rheumatism, migraine, fracture, schizophrenia, epilepsy, bad breath, all kinds of eye problems etc.

Because the home of the so called herbalist wasn’t far from a spot where we used to go out to  play ball as kids, we liked going to watch some patients displaying especially those suffering  from mental ailments despite being chased away over and over  by the  traditional medical team.

One afternoon, after the playing bout, my friends suggested we go there as usual, on getting to the compound, we saw a family drove  down in a bus with a  group of young  boys and adult men holding  tight a young pretty damsel who was an elegant looking girl at about the  age of about 21 years.

The Pretty Damsel is Gone

She was tall , fair in complexion with a sexy shape that could throw pandemonium in the head of any man that appreciates true  beauty. She wore a beautiful flowery gown that stopped a little below her knees with her hair packed and bonded with a piece of cloth whose colours appeared to match with the those on her dress.

The parents, father and mother looking worried, alighted from the bus, the mother subbing while the father headed to talk to the herbalist.

After a brief discussion with the said herbalist, he returned to the bus and directed that the pretty damsel be held to walk down to the open space for attention by the traditional  medical team.

The  girl appeared abnormal in attitude as she talked alone, whispering, sometimes laughing aloud, saying irrelevant words and making non-correlated statements  while been moved by the group of men under tight grip to where she was made to seat on a wooden chair.

One passerby who happened to know the family turned to see the mother of the girl, and I overheard the mother explaining that the girl just lost her mind while preparing for her semester examination in the university and was rushed down for medical attention in the village given that the government owned psychiatric home was on industrial action hence could not attend too her case.

After a while the herbalist approached the girl with bottle of concussion to consume the content, but she reacted violently then the man went back into the house and return with four able bodied men who pinned the girl down forcefully pushing the bottle into her mouth to the extent that the bottle’s neck and its content went down her throat and blocked her wind pipe which didn’t allow her to breath yet, they didn’t notice it and kept own holding her down despite her struggle.

But after about 3 minutes they noticed the content in the bottle stopped flowing down her throat while she grew weak  and they released her to check,  only to find out she gave up the ghost.

The mother and father including other family members broke  down screaming and crying loudly. I was so scared that I ran back home. Each time I share this emotional story and feeling, tears almost drop down my cheeks as the unfortunate event still remains fresh in my memory.

In fact, as young as I was I cried. I do not know whether I will ever forget this ordeal  in my life.

Each time I remember this incident that happened to the pretty damsel, I find it hard to forgive the government of my country for allowing the health institution to embark on industrial action which gave rise this horrible consequence on a poor innocent soul and family

I pray such a thing will never happen to someone close to you and i.

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