Death : See How I Escaped By Whiskers

Arm Robber whom i escaped death from

Escaped Death narrowly

Death comes anytime because we all know, no man knows his day of death. But this day, God helped me to escape death narrowly.

Of Course, the human heart is the seat of power of the complete existence of man. From the heart emanates the power to do good or  evil.

From the heart lies affection or hate, strength or  weakness, healing or pain,  reconciliation or malice , success or failure etc.

Therefore it can be safe to say of the human heart that, it  is  the central point where man  draws up his power and energy  to choose to be great or small and either to be saved or destroyed.

It all started one day when i traveled to my village for my niece’s wedding event. And after the ceremony i was on my way back to the city where i work and base, but the commercial bus i boarded wasn’t  reliable enough so we had series of breakdowns on our way.

We got to a point where a part of the car fell off completely which required that we looked for a mechanic to replace the failed part, this took almost 3 hours.

By this time, it was getting late and given that along the road we were travelling through, there were bushes and forests, passengers were scared  passing  through when it became dark.

We started persuading the driver to to park so we can find a place to sleep within one of the towns. But he objected saying he had to travel back the next day not minding the risk he was putting us through. With his selfishness he insisted not until we got to a particular spot which was actually a corner and ran into armed robbers.

over twenty in number. they were young and energetic, dressed on arm camouflage carrying AK47 well loaded riffles. We were stopped and ordered down from the vehicle amidst several other parked vehicles carrying passengers.

While they started robbing, the passengers that had no money where short dead instantly while those with cash were just beaten and their cash seized from them.

Looking at the horrible scenario, some guys started trying to escape, some got killed in the process whole others succeeded in escaping.

I happen to be among the lucky ones that escaped the gun shuts into the forest .

While there in the forest , we heard series and series of gunshots for over 3 hours until the cobs intervened, by this time it was about 12 midnight with some passengers dead, their corpses littered the road. When the cobs came exchanging gunshots with the robbers, the robbers were over-powered so they fled into the forest thereby coming towards where i was hiding. At this point i almost couldn’t breath anymore due to fear. I was seeing them but they didn’t even noticed i was there.

They police rescued the remaining passengers left and departed while i was there in the forest. Shortly after the police left, the bad guys came back to the road and kept on robbing until about 4am, when one of them made a phone call, a particular vehicle drove down and picked them so they left.

I was left there in the forest under dark and heavy shrubs.

It rained on me, aside the various wild animals playing , while some singing , and others like big snakes strolling and passing by, seeing all these i was dead scared.

I manged to live with them there until it was dawn. I found my way out of the forest to the express way where no house was nearby and started trekking towards where i could find help. I met corpses laying by road sides.

Almost all vehicles passing were scared of stopping since that place seems lonely. I kept on making attempts to stop vehicles until one good Samaritan stopped and initially was not able to allow me come near because i was looking rough , dirty and haggard like an insane person.

I explained circumstance, and begged for assistance to let me get to the nearest place i can get more help home. And i was offered the assistance until i got home.

Therefore, my peace was really robbed , it took me a long time to recover from the emotional trauma. This happened to me , myself so this is not a fiction. I pray it shall not be your portion.

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