ICC Finally Buhari to Appear in ICC over Biafra

ICC to try Buhari over Kanu and Biafra

Biafra agitators may soon hiss a sigh of relief knowing their case is about to be handled by International Criminal Court -ICC.

There have been quite a couple of media reports of  loss of lives in the camp of the pro-Biafrans during peaceful protests.

AP reported that  about 20 Biafran supporters have been reported killed while protesting the arrest and detention of their leader Nnamdi Kanu and  demanding independence for the people of Biafra.

The pro-Biafran group had filed a complaint against President Muhammadu Buhari  at The Hague accusing him of committing war crimes against the people of Biafra.

Their leader Nnamdi Kanu had been denied bail by the federal court in Abuja Nigeria last Friday.

Kanu was arrested by the Nigerian security agencies in October 2015 and charged to court for preaching sedition and ethnic incitements.

A human rights lawyer at Dutch legal firm Prakken d’Oliveira, Goran Sluiter filed the complaint with International Criminal Court(ICC) in The Hague last Friday 29th Jan 2016.

Newsweek  reported that Sluiter told it there has been “an intensification of violence and crimes committed against Biafrans since Mr Buhari became the Nigerian president.”

There have been several reports of harmless pro-Biafrans protesters been killed by the Nigerian Security agencies while demonstrating peacefully.

The IGP, Solomon Arase had in December 2015 warned protesters to seize been used to cause security breaches and disruption of peace or face “the full weight of the law.”

Sluiter said “Nigeria is already a long time on the agenda of the [ICC] prosecutor and Nigerian courts are not dealing at all with these crimes. The time really has come for the ICC to act,”

The filed complaint stated that some unarmed Biafran protesters have been tortured and murdered by Nigerian security forces.

The coordinator of IPOB’s branch in the Netherlands( a group which numbers about 200), Ndubuisi Osuala said the group wishes to see that Kanu is released and Buhari is prosecuted for the crimes he committed against the South Eastern people of Nigeria.

“What every IPOB member, every Biafran citizen wants is the release of our great leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who is a freedom fighter,” says Osuala. “Secondly, we need the International Criminal Court to bring justice and equity to our case…[President Buhari] has to be prosecuted and face the justice for what he did.”

Osuala further said “We need to get freedom by peace and that is why we are protesting, We are not terrorists, we are not killing people.”

Meanwhile, media advisor to Buhari Femi Adesina, declined to comment on the ICC case while talking to Newsweek insisting that the Nigerian presidency would not comment  because  Kanu’s case was ongoing.

Usually, Once a complaint is filed at the ICC, the prosecutor can decide to open an investigation if there are  enough reasons for believing that crimes against humanity have been committed.

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