No More Sex Until After Marriage(Photo)

no more sex until after marriage

A girl locked herself with a huge padlock key and declared that henceforth, there shall be no more sex until after marriage.

While many people commend her saying it is never too late to start a great feat, others express doubt if that will work.

Sex is sweet, but it  comes with a price and repercussions

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It is quite good for young people to hold unto themselves  until when they get married.

For many obvious reasons, it is advantageous to abstain than to indulge.

No More Sex

There is no doubt that sex is one of the major key components that bring about happiness in life. through sex the commandment of procreation is fulfilled. Sex keep couples happy and glued to each other. A healthy sexual life builds a good family union and affection.

Sexual intercourse is worth waiting for. It is worth any level of patience and it is to be done with respect and dignity.

Sex shouldn’t just be based on satisfying one’s urge alone, but also to be done with all amount of understanding and responsibility.

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Abuse is inhuman and unacceptable at whatever level.

Virginity for instance is sacred, honourable. But that is not to say those who have lost it are not responsible, it simply means people have different destinies.

However, if we know the various health risks attached to indiscriminate sexual relationships, we will realise that it is much safer to stay than to get involved.

If you ask every man the kind of woman he wish to get married to, he will prefer to marry a virgin. The question now is, after going out with all those girls, who do you expect to come marry them when you have started looking for a virgin to marry? lol

That is really to show girls that most  men still prefer reserved girls who are not given to sex outside marriage.

Indiscriminate sex will expose someone(both male and female) to some of  the following dangers:

  1. Sexual diseases e.g HIV/Aids, Zika vrisus, Hepatitis etc

2. Untimely death

3. Destroys your self worth

4. Reduces your chances of bearing children if abortion was wrongly carried out.

5. May cause destruction of relationships in most cases.

6. Distracts you from targets in life.

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For instance if you are a student, thoughts of sex  may distract you during lectures or study hours thereby reducing your concentration consequently giving rise to poor academic performance. etc.

What is your take on this?


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