Teenage Girls Raped and Killed in Ikorodu(Photo)

ritual killers

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Teenage girls raped, killed and dumped in a bush around Ikorodu in Lagos State by unknown evil men.

We know wealth and riches are good because they give comfort, power and fame most times, but life is  special , sacred and precious; wealth and riches cannot buy.


These two ladies whose pictures you see above were reported by an online media to have been raped and killed by some unknown bloodsuckers.

From the pictures, the teenage girls raped, killed and abandoned in a bush in Ikorodu suggesting they were together in the outing.

Why should humans be this wicked? I mean these were young girls with dreams and aspirations in life.

I do not know what the girls were up to, neither do I know their mission. But I do believe the height of any punishment is death.


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First, women must realize that not all men mean it when they say ILOVE YOU.

Especially now that valentine celebration is by the corner.

Parents need to watch their children and relatives.

Do not throw away your life for an iphone, stop risking your future for a tablet.

There is no free thing anywhere. All those promises some men make are not genuine, don’t let them deceive you and destroy your precious life.

We see and read these ugly stories every day yet most ladies are yet to learn.

There are ritual killers everywhere. Almost every week we hear teenage girls raped and wasted, yet girls due to the quest for materials things, they are still pushed to early graves.

Stop accepting invitations to meet people you do not know. Stop going to locate people in strange places. Always let people know where you are going.

Some girls think, going with a friend means they are secure. No, its not always the case depending on the plan of the ritual evil men they may still succeed.

Do not even thing they men have pity or respect for human life.

Do not dare them they are mean and wicked. Be contented with what you have. All these trivial things are but temporary, they will soon fade away.

Do not mortgage your life to things that are but for a moment.

Imagine teenage girls raped and killed at this point of their tender lives for how much, I can’t even think of.

They that have ears should hear.

Valentine is here. Beware and be warned.

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