March 2016

girl beheaded for ritual

girl beheaded for ritualThe story below is quite painful where a beautiful young girl in the above picture has been  beheaded by a man who posed as a suitor after meeting themselves on facebook.

Girls need to learn from this…talking about travelling miles just to meet a boyfriend/friend whom they can’t vouch for… Tragedy befell this pretty lady who had prospects of marrying and settling down, after her life was cut short by a man (suspected ritualist) who posed as a suitor  on Facebook and deceived her into traveling to Minna, Niger state just to see him….

ese oruru

ese oruru
Ese Oruru

Ese Oruru who lived with her family in Yenagoa,  was allegedly abducted in August 12th 2015 at Yenagoa , Bayelsa State by one Yunusa  and taken  to the Emir of Kano’s Palace in Kano Metropolis.

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