Ese Oruru Freed: Her Abduction, Family and the suspect(photo)

ese oruru
Ese Oruru

Ese Oruru who lived with her family in Yenagoa,  was allegedly abducted in August 12th 2015 at Yenagoa , Bayelsa State by one Yunusa  and taken  to the Emir of Kano’s Palace in Kano Metropolis.

Report reaching robminds states that the 14-year  old Ese since after the abduction has being living in Emir’s palace in Kano.

The father, Mr. Charles Oruru claimed Ese had been given an Islamic name called Aisha, dressed and covered in hijab.

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Mr. Oruru said he personally went with two officers of the Nigerian Police to the Emir’s Palace in Kano where he met with Ese dressed in Islamic attire and he identified his daughter and called her by her name “Ese” ,she answered.

Mr. Charles Oruru said”I have travelled to Kano with two police officers from here now; we stayed there for about seven days.”

Mr. Oruru said he met with his daughter in the sharia council  of the Emir’s Palace wearing black veil  on two occasions. He said “I met my daughter in the sharia council wearing that black veil on two occasions, they were even arguing that the girl is 18 years. I told them I born my daughter on the 22nd of February 2002, so the girl is 13 years”

the young Ese
The Young Ese Oruru

“I called her Ese she said yes. Ese is her name not Aisha they gave to her there”

The Oruru family claims that the abductor was arrested in Kano but was later released by the police.

The mother of Ese Mrs. Rose Oruru claimed also that the suspect Yunusa called her a couple of times on the phone informing her that they will never see their daughter again.

Mrs. Rose was quoted saying” Yunusa go call me tell me say madam you no go see your pikin forever, because na Emir send me to come carry your pikin, even if I go take lawyer notin wei they go fit do o because na Emir , na em be money, e get  him own lawyer, him get wetin him go fit talk wei the matter go die pkpata kpata”

Meanwhile, the State Police commissioner, Peter Ogunyanwo said they got to know the girl was abducted by one Yunusa and that the last effort they made was on 2nd September 2015 which led them to Emir of Kano’s palace.

the parents of Ese

Ogunyanwo said they found out that the girl was kept under the custody of the sharia court and noted that the Emir had already instructed that the girl be returned to her parents based on the age.

But that there were still some bottlenecks on who was to authorize the release of the girl that time the police were around.

Ese Oruru’s Education at Central Epie Secondary School Opolo

Central Epie Secondary in Opolo Yenagoa is the school where Ese has been a student in studying while she was kidnapped.

In the school, both the teachers, Principal and students miss  her and said they are praying for her fervently hoping she will return one day.

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Her friends expressed worries over her whereabouts as some of them said they use to rely on her kind behavior and friendship advice on so many occasions.

The Suspect- Yunusa

Yunusa the suspected kidnapper of Ese
Yunusa Ese’s Suspected Kidnapper

The suspect Yunusa who’s picture appear above was said to have been arrested by the police but was later released from police custody.

Why? Nobody knows the reason for his release over such a capital offence?

Ese Freed

Finally, Ese has been reported freed by the Emir of Kano who directed that she be returned to her parents by virtue of her age as reported by some newspapers.

My question again is, is it legal for a girl to be abducted and taken to live in Emir’s palace if she is of age? Is emir saying assuming Ese was of age, he wouldn’t have seen anything bad in the kidnap and forceful marriage?

Many questions on this matter should bother sincere Nigerians who love this country.

Emir of Kano's Palace where Ese had been kept


Ese Oruru on Hijab dress
Ese Oruru on Hijab Dress


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