Nnamdi Kanu declares Biafra quest is God’s will for him

Nnamdi Kanu of Biafra

Nnamdi Kanu, the embattled Radio Biafra Director and leader of the Independent People of Biafra(IPOB) has spoken ones again from the detention airing his mind on his struggle.

Kanu said his quest to liberate the people of Biafra is not his personal wish but God’s decision and instruction.

He said it is the will of the almighty God which no man can stop. He made this known from prison detention on July 25th, claiming it wasn’t his personal intention to bring about a stir in the agitation but the will of God.

The Director emphasised that his firm position to restore the Biafran nation has nothing to do with his personal decision but that of the Most High God whom he referred to in Ibo language as Chiukwu-okike-abiama.

He said the assignment was given to him by God from time immemorial and he is bent on executing it to the later which is his top life’s priority.

Nnamdi warned that though the task at hand is herculean in nature, but it is a feat that must be achieved even if it means giving his life for it.

The news was brought into the public knowledge yesterday by Comrade Emma Powerful, the Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB in a press statement.
Kanu informed some of his sympathisers who visited him in detention that his life has already been dedicated for the cause of the emancipation of the Biafran nation.

Partly quoted, Kanu said “the reason my mother gave birth to me was to restore and save Biafrans. I also promise that the Biafran race will be a cleaned up nation and all the people of Biafra will come back home, if they are living outside the country of the new nation. Our people will no longer wander on the road again”. He queried: “How can I encourage the people of Biafra to work towards the upbringing of Nigeria, when we don’t hear the same language, don’t eat the same food and don’t have the same culture. In fact, if we come to their land to practice our culture and religion, we will be beheaded. Their women wear hijab, and Biafran women don’t, and on the point that our women don’t wear hijab and we don’t practice the same religion, they will see us as infidels and then, we will be beheaded.
We are 100 per cent Christian. These people are Muslims who see killing as a culture.

“In Biafra where we originated from,, it will be hard for our people to kill a human being, because in my language a human being is called MMANDU, which means in English language the beauty of life. Now, you can see it will never work, the only solution is Biafra.”

According to Vanguard, Mazi Kanu went further to state that “there is no regret in his dictionary,” adding that “he is ready to spend a thousand years in a prison”. “And also we are not trying to secede from Nigeria. We are older than Nigeria. You can only talk about seceding if Biafrans are they ones that colonized Nigeria. But we are older than that contraption. So we can’t secede rather we just want to go back the way we were before the British came. It is Biafra or nothing, Nigerians knows that.” Meanwhile, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife has claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari hates Igbos and that he knew about this hatred a long time ago.

There has being series of criticisms from different quarters on President Buhari’s major appointments, saying he made lopsided appointments favouring a particular part of the country or even religion.

Vangaurd reported that a former governor of Anambra state revealed what was discussed during the last Igbo peace summit in Owerri stressing they talked about Mr. President’s hatred for the Ibo nation among other things.
He said “We discussed the problem that the South East is facing in today’s Nigeria. The problem of hatred from Mr president.
“At the beginning, not everybody saw it. I saw it early enough and thinking it was a mistake and not a deliberate action, I started shouting. We have not been taken here, we have not been taken there, you have appointed 10 persons nobody from Southeast; you have appointed 20 people nobody is from Southeast, you have appointed 25, 30, 40 going further we have nobody, no soul from the Southeast.

“So, I started knowing that it is beyond a mistake. I was thinking it was a mistake and since I believe that the person who is President must have conscience, I was raising his consciousness to the mistake so that he can correct it even the ones I tell you to write, you will find that everything I was saying is true. Instead of being taken seriously for amendment to be made, I was called enemy of the North and enemy of Buhari. So, these days, I am not talking too much again, I am talking about Nigeria.”
Going by the turn out of events, the end is not yet in sight about the IPOB seperation and libreration effort as they call it despite the detention of their head Nnamdi Kanu.

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