The brouhaha rocking the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), appears to have taken a wider dimension as Asiwaju Tinubu, one of the pillars and founding members has lashed out to President Buhari Muhammadu with regards to Ondo State Gubernatorial election.

An undisclosed sources who reported to the media of the state of the current clash between Tinubu and Buhari, had it that Tinubu regretted of letting Buhari become the president of Nigeria under the platform of the All Progressive Congress, APC, may30.org reported.

According to our sources(may30.org), while receiving a segment of APC chieftains from South West who paid him a solidarity visit late yesterday evening after keeping them waiting for over 5 hrs, (from 5pm to 10 pm before seeing them).

Tinubu lashed out and said, ”I regret building APC and giving Buhari a platform to become president”.


“We all knew he didn’t merit to be president, but you know how we politicians behave when we are desperate for electoral position; We beg.


”That was how President Buhari always and frequently came to my private house here in Ikoyi with his entourage which included that Nasiru and others”.

If this news is anything to go by, then it goes back to confirm assertions of the People Democratic Party in 2015 before the general election that APC is a group of strange bird fellows.

Some analysts have attempted to find out why the crisis, saying it is a matter personal interest. One anonymous explained that Tinubu’s powers are been curtailed because at some point he became too politically powerful for Nigeria, hence he(the anonymous) loves what is happening to him.

He state that it dangerous for one man to be overwhelmingly power politically as if allowed, he can pocket the whole nation with a single decision and no man can question him.

However it goes, we wish the interest of the masses will over rule at the end of the day.

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