Killings will Continue, Christians will Die until they Convert to Islam- Zahra BUhari

zahra Buhari

Zahra Buhari: This conversation was between one of the daughters of President Buhari of Nigeria  Zahra Buhari and one of her fans on Instagram.

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Zahra vented  her anger on the fan for speaking ill of her father’s style of administration.

If you look at the conversation really, you will discover that she was extremely pushed by the fan, insulting, her father President Buhari and the entire family.

Calling them all sort of names, so she reacted by saying some nasty things too. The fact that she is a daughter of the president doesn’t mean she is no longer human that can be touched by insults hence she responded in an unpleasant manner too.

That said, the content of her rant is worrisome. Religion is a dangerous topic of discuss no matter how angry someone maybe, it is not a topic to talk about carelessly. The statement of Zahra is capable of sparking unrest anywhere in the world. Making such a delicate declaration on a social media platform where the whole world is watching is also a very unfortunate thing to have happened.

What do you think?

See in pictures the things said during the chat.



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It is something the father or mother must advise her against.  She needs to reduce her interaction on social media and at best ignore talking to people you not know on the platforms.

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images of the conversation referenced from

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  1. This seems fake. In the last screenshot, the dp on the left is the same as the one on the right. Anybody noticed it too?

    Anyway saying such things can cause problems. We should learn to reapect each other’s religion.


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