Amaechi on Bribery Allegation: If i go down Buhari will go with me because I will expose him.


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There seem to be uneasy atmosphere around the Minister of Transport, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi as a result of the bribery allegation leveled against him recently by some judges.
Very weighty allegations of bribery which the judges said Amaechi attempted bribing them to upturn the judgment on electoral cases by the supreme court.

A source, reported that due to the pressure from the international community on Mr. President to ensure this allegations were cleared, Buhari directed full scale investigation on the allegation, a move which does not go down well with Amaechi.
The report insists that Amaechi finally declared war saying he will not go down alone and that he will expose all the parties involved in the crime which he said even Mr. president was aware.
In fact Amaechi said he will unearth the President’s dirty deals with regards to the allegation.
Because of the ongoing probe on Amaechi as a result of the allegation, his bank accounts are under close watch while the historical log been reviewed.

In what appears to be like a preparation for retaliation, Amaechi is said to have gathered incriminating evidence in documents form and forwarded to a prominent online news blog for publication should his investigation continue.
The report said . “Amaechi has documentary evidence that shows Buhari was in-the-know about the attempt to bribe the Judges and how many of the campaign funds were raised.”

“Amaechi has assembled the documents and has sent over to Saharareporters, with whom he has a working financial relationship to publish the documents“, stated our source who explained that Amaechi had used his relationship with Saharareporters to push the All Progressive Congress [APC] change mantra. “The relationship is still existing”.
In the coming days ahead and soon, Saharareporter may begin the publication of the said documents.
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