See Video/Pictures of How School Proprietress was Kidnapped, Raped and Buried Alive in Abuja By Her Driver


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This life is getting more and more complicated. Imagine what somebody’s driver has allegedly done to her.

Just about week ago, the woman you are about to watch on this video was said to have been kidnapped, raped and buried alive in a shallow grave by her driver and his friends somewhere in Abuja. The woman was the proprietress of Chelsea International  School there in Abuja.
Due to thorough investigation by the police, the driver was eventually arrested and he took the police and other security agents to the location of the said grave where she was buried and your remains were exhumed ad taken away.

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Anybody can just become anything around you so you better be careful.
It is a disturbing scene.


It is really very sad, no matter her offence, she never deserved this kind of treatment. This is why it is necessary to do background checks on who ever you want to employ and never trust anybody too the extreme.


Watch the Video below

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