Photos: 31-year-old man drowns during police raid in Abeokuta


Gafar Ajibola is a 31-year-old artisan who got drowned in Ogun river during police chase on the Oniyarin community in Abeokuta South LGA.
This happened in the early hours Saturday 29th Oct. Eye witness report states that Gafar was at the river washing his clothes when the police stormed there in search of hoodlums.
Gafar jumped into the river due to fear as a result of sporadic shooting by the police. An Anonymous uncle of the decease who spoke to Tribune explained that his family will demand justice over Gafar’s death.

“This is an unfortunate situation. My brother was not a criminal. He was at the river bank to wash his clothes. He jumped into the river out of fear following heavy shooting by the police. We launched a search after his body until we found it Saturday night. We are demanding justice in this case. We are going to take legal step against the police on this matter.”

In Confirmation of the incident, Aimola Oyeyemi, the state police public relations officer said:
“The Commissioner of Police has directed that a powerful investigation be launched to unravel the culpability or otherwise of its men. The men were just on routine operational duty of providing residents adequate security. The case is under investigation, the police are in the place to ensure safety of life and property.”

One may ask when a man drowns under this circumstance, what next?

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