November 2016



Cameroonian police manhandling Beau University student. How could humans be this wild and mean just because they are on uniform. Africa needs to wake up from oppression by uniform men.

Brazil plane crash

Brazil plane crash
The plane which carried Brazil players from the country had fatal accidents. They were 72 passengers and 9 crew members on-board making a total 81 people in the plane.
CNN reports that so far 5 people have been reported rescued alive and taken to the hospital while 76 died in the crash.
The plane was said to have developed electrical fault which made it fail at about 20 thousand feet.
Experts say there maybe possibility of engine failure in the process.



What exactly is this man looking for under this dummy?

Is he a movie actor or a comedian? Because for a man to  leave his house and go and be doing such fruitless exercise is not funny.


In a long but absolutely shocking story, the National Diploma certificate holder revealed how she was sweet-tongued into believing the streets of Tripoli was “flowing with milk and honey’’, how they were all forced into extreme prostitution, and many more in her two-year sojourn there.
Read the mindblowing true life account below: Miss Peju Akins (pseudonym) was offered a poisoned chalice in a Lagos church in January, 2015; she embraced it hook, line and sinker!
A lady she met during Sunday service painted the rosy picture of Libya, with the streets of Tripoli “flowing with milk and honey’’, and the promise that after making money in the North African country, she would easily migrate to Europe.