Men are meant to be shared, please i need a man – Young Lady Cries out

lady angry over ownership of men

The holy bible says a time shall come when 7 women will come to beg one man and say please just allow us bear your name alone that we are married to you.


I guess that time is near.

A young lady is angry over the syndrome of women holding tight to men they to theirs.

She said man has no serial number, registration number or even NAFDAc number so women ought not to claim ownership of them.

She asked if the said women are the ones that gave birth to the men?

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She insists that the if the mother of the man was generous enough to share him with the wife of the man, why should the wife be so selfish as if she gave birth to the man.

The young lady strongly condemn the act and begged those who are willing to share to borrow her they own because she needs a man as she is lonely.

Watch the video:

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