Revealed: Here’s who enjoys it (sex) better between men and women


An assumption has always had it that men generally enjoy sex more because women find it hard to orgasm.

It is also known that men who are below 60 years think of sex at least once every 24 hours.

A study from the Florida State University discovered that men want sex more than women in all relationships.


This is driven by the fact that naturally, men are genetically wired to pass on their genes to the next person.

Women on the other hand, are wired to look for an emotional connection as well as a sexual one since they have to settle for someone who will stick around to take care of babies.


Women are said to find sex more fulfilling if it comes with alot of oral sex. For men, it doesn’t matter as long as they have penetrative sex.


Yet, another study shows that more women feel hurt if a man doesn’t climax than men feel hurt if they cant get a woman off.

So all factors taken into consideration, men have more fun in bed than women.


Source: Tuko

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