Videos of the young boy beaten & burnt to death in Lagos for stealing

young boy

This young boy for beaten and burnt to death in an area in Lagos Nigeria for stealing.
My heart bled when i saw this video and pictures. For goodness sake why this barbaric act. Dead this young boy kill anybody while stealing ? Even if he did isn’t it the duty of the police and the law to prosecute him?
Africa where are we going?

We only know how to copy foreign culture but the ethics those country imbibe we do not see them. What a young life cut short through wickedness.
Who among these people killing this boy hasn’t stolen in his or her life before. Were there no elder in that community?
This is what can cause war. It is painful and i hope the police to carry out their investigation and bring the culprits to book to serve as deterrent to others to learn that the era of jungle justice is over. Let the law work and not men on the street be judges and pass sentence.

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