Photo: See 55 year-old teacher who raped a 16 year-old mentally ill girl

rape,55-year old

A 55 year old teacher, David Korir, in Nakuru county, Kenya has been arrested because he raped a 16 year old deaf and mentally ill girl while her disabled mother was away.

According to a neighbor, he a saw the teacher dragging the young into his house and called other neighbors when he closed the door.
They saw him with the girl on the bed and quickly broke into the house and successful rescued the girl but the man escaped.

The mother said she couldn’t report the case to the police initially because she had no one to guide her.

It is reported that the man who has been arrested by the police didn’t deny the accusation and was almost lynched by angry residents.

Source: Star

We hear of raped cases most frequently these days. This is a worrisome issue both young and old are getting raped nowadays.

Everybody needs to be more careful especially female folks

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