Leaked Video and Photos :Nigerian Lady Makes video of herself while taking her bath

taking her bath

Hmmmm,  I am still trying to figure out the reason for her to make a video of her while taking her bath.

First, was she making the video for someone or maybe she was trying to advertise bathing soap or something? Or better still she was advertising shower facilities, lol.

She is completely nude, showering exposing everything and feeling cool.

Probably, we will soon be seeing men making videos of them

bathing as well.

Also I hope this will not start trending like the reigning thing?

But wait, why hasn’t it occur to me before now that she may be looking for cheap and easy popularity?

Because if a lady put on her phone, makes a video of herself while taking her bath and keeps the video even if it leaked, it clearly suggests she had a deep plan.

Anyway, at the end of it, it leaked online and here is the  video

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