Donald Trump wants the White House painted, So He Called For Quotes

trump to paint white house

So Donald Trump President Elect has called for quotation from experts across the world because he intends to repaint the White House.

Below are the quotes from Experts from different countries including Nigeria.
Chinese guy quoted 3 million.

European guy
quoted 7 million

Nigerian guy quoted 10 million.

Trump asked the Chinese guy how did you quote?
He said:
1 million for paint
1 million for labour
1 million profit.

He asked the European?
He said :
3 million for paint
2 million for labour
2 million profit.

He asked the Nigerian?
Nigerian said:
4 million for me
3 million for you
3 million goes to the Chinese guy to do the painting
Naija no dey carry last! Thank God it’s Friday! Cheer up my people, naija go better in Jesus Name… Amen.

source: facebook user

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