Breaking: Ultimate Cycler is back again, founder announces to the public

Ultimate Cycler is back again
CEO, Ultimate Cycler - Peter Wolfing

Ultimate Cycler happens to be one of the most popular money doubling schemes around the world and was shut down weeks back with a lot of panic by its users across the globe, however, good news has broken out when the founder came out hours ago to announce on his Facebook page that Ultimate Cycler is back.

The founder ,Peter Wolfing said they all the while have being spending their time reprogramming the portal to enhance their operation and server their users more efficiently.
On his Facebook account he wrote “UC Launch update. We are moving data and site files so if the site does not come up, DON’T PANIC. Patience grasshopper.”

ultimate cycler is back again

He had earlier itemised new features of the redesigned site and it will function in the nearest future.

He however added that though Ultimate Cycler is back again, the access to their server will be closed as the finalise updates.
“Ultimate Cycler launches today! Access to the server will be closed as we make final improvements to the site and will re-open for the launch.
NOTICE: All members will have their accounts closed within a few days after launch if any unpaid positions remain pending. It’s important that you log in and take care of business.
We’ve been busy reprogramming the site for mega-growth and we are gearing up for out launch on Thursday Dec 15th.”

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