Nigerian Pastor disguised as a beggar, went to his own church and got snubbed by his members

as a beggar

A Nigerian Pastor and founder of TK heritage Church, Lawrence Onochie pulled a smart one on his church members by disguising as a beggar, went to seat in the church with them and they all snubbed him including the church workers.
Lawrence sat in the midst of the congregation and no one recognized him.

While the church service was going, a call was made from the alter for brethren to invite one another to show some love and share what they have with each other to the mark the yuletide season, yet he was ignored by all as he was just seen as one poor beggar.
In short one one even wanted to identify with him. Then all of a sudden the pastor walked to the alter and addressed the congregation.
An Instagram user, Onome (@Onome_tsd) who was eye witness to the event narrated exactly what took place.


My pastor, the senior pastor of @tkheritage, @lawrenceonochie was in the congregation today dressed like a nonentity, a nobody, a beggar and no one recognized him. When the call was made to invite someone they didn’t know to spend #Christmas with them. No one came to him, no one invited him because no one wanted to identify with him.

That’s the world we live in. We relate to those we feel are in the same social class with us and despise the needy, the hungry and extend help only to those who already have. That’s not what Christmas/Christianity is about. It is about caring for those in need, strangers, the despised.

Change your heart today and focus on what matters and what counts. Ask your self what would God do? Will God despise you when you are hungry, when you need shelter, when you are lonely, when you are sick?

People matter to God, let people also matter to you. Stop to help a stranger, put a smile on someone’s face. Christianity is not a talk. It is in the doing.

A true test of practical Christianity i must say.

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