Arik Air Passengers Sleep on Bare Floor at Lagos International Airport

arik air passengers

It is no news that making money is not easy, perhaps what is news is the fact that after going through the rigors of making this money, you still have to face another bout of stress and discomfort to spend it like what happened to Arik Air passengers this time.

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Arik Air passengers are not smiling over what happened to them a few days back where they had to spend from 6:am to 7pm at the International Airport Lagos without any headway regarding their flight schedule.

arik air passengers

One of the customers took to Facebook to lament what he called “Arik is a Joke” due to the suffer they saw trying to fly with the airline.

Recall there have been calls by both government and stakeholders to Nigerians to patronise made in Nigeria goods and services”by naija”.

The Facebook User Tony shared the photo and lamented:

I have not seen this type of wickedness from an airline. After people will say buy Naija to grow the Naira yet the naija is too mean to its own people.

How do you keep your passengers from 6am to the time of this write up without a word at the Lagos international airport? People have slept over night there without answers. I am a victim and this is my last with Arik air. I have tried so much but who send me?
When you approach NCAA to complain, they don’t even seem to have a hold or make this airline to speak to someone. Even the consumer protection means nothing in this country. God help us. Arik is a joke.

arik air passengers


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