January 2017



Most times we get involved in doing things that amount to waste of our personal time.

For example, watching TV all day seems like a waste of time when you could be using your time to do something better like going out for a walk or spending time with friends or family.

If Buhari Dies

Buhari's death rumour

President Buhari’s death rumour  is indeed a dangerous one. In the past few days both online and offline medias have being reporting and counter-reporting on the same topic.

Perhaps what Nigerians should be mindful of is that as a nation, peace should be most paramount to us more than any other thing like tribal and political affiliations.

obama funded ISIS

obama funded ISIS

Rep. Tulsi Garbbard is a US Democratic Congress woman who has come out to say Obama funded ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups across middle east and Africa.
Garbard first took to her twitter handle to air her view on sponsors of ISIS, Al-Qeada and other terror groups in Syria, Iraq and other countries pointing out that the US immediate past Government has been at the center of the funding of such terror groups.

is buhari dead?

is buhari dead?
Is  Buhari dead or alive is the most popular question in the lips of a lot of  Nigerians these past few days.

Many are concerned about the welfare of their dear President. We as a nation suffered a fate of losing one of  our darling presidents in 2009 and i bet no one wish to have such an  experience anymore.

If i Spend a day

apostle suleman
Apostle Johnson Suleman of the Omega Fire International narrated his ordeal in the yesterday’s arrest attempt by the DSS that was foiled by the Governor of Ekiti State, Governor Ayodele Fayose.

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