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If you think all the road accidents is due to drunk driving or over-speeding then think again. You may be unaware of the vicious market of fake auto parts growing alongside the automobile industry.

As the number of vehicles on our roads balloons, spare parts business has increasingly become lucrative ranging from authorized dealers to quacks. Dealers have sprouted like milk and bread shops in various towns, villages and estates of the country.

Counterfeiting discourages foreign investors from doing business in the country and also limits economic growth.

The value of the counterfeiting industry is estimated to be roughly N6 Trillion globally.

According to the former Director-general of Standards Organization of Nigeria, “95 percent of automobile spare parts imported into Nigeria were fake or substandard. Nigeria were shocked that that they had been dancing with death by relying on the fake spare parts used to replace faulty ones in their vehicles”.

Counterfeits spare parts are like poison to the automobiles, the more poison (counterfeit spare parts) you install in an automobile, the more maintenance problem the vehicle will manifest until you [the owner] finally turn your premises into a vehicle graveyard.

Consumers and business owners can take steps to protect themselves, their business, vehicles, and family by purchasing from reputable vendors, accredited vendors/manufacturers representatives. Bogus spark plugs and other engine parts have caused aggravating failures and break downs, poorly constructed brake pads, fuel pumps, suspension parts and substandard tires have resulted in many deaths. With the availability of sophisticated printing and packaging machines, coupled with advanced technology and cheap labour, counterfeiters are still taking a big bite out of the automobile aftermarket pie. If you are searching for genuine hard-to-find spare parts for your generators, cars, SUVs, articulated vehicles and buses, search no further than Automobile Search Nigeria Limited. We know how to buy vehicles spare parts for their actual values and cut out the pork in their prices.

We are Nigeria’s largest genuine spare parts locator and can help you search and find vintage and new automobile /generator spare parts. With our strategically located approved NIPOST cargo agent at 1. Suit  B31 in Aosee plaza, By Festac 3rd gate, 2. Shop 3A, upstairs, block 3, Promise Land int, Mkt., at Ladipo, Muslim, and 3. Shop  82, Block 4, Zonec, Aspamda Auto Parts mkt, Trade   fair, all in Lagos, we can easily reach out to automobile / generators franchise owners and accredited vendors to locate the exact spare part that has been eluding you, deliver the spare part to your door within 48 hours and receive sample parts from you with bills footed by Automobile Search Ltd. Nationwide. Not only will we save you time, but we will save you money as well. Our priority is to keep your generators running like new for years, save money and live better.

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