best man

So this happened in Kenya where friend’s best man was caught by the man doing it with his fiancee.
A man went with his fiancee to witness 2016 go down and translate into 2017 in a supposedly best man’s house.

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And on getting there, his best man offered them a room to sleep and they got in and slept. About 7 minutes later his fiancee excused him to use the toilet which he didnt object.
Ten minutes later no sign of her coming out. And some more minutes later he had to check her up by standing by the door of the toilet only to hear moaning.
He waited for some minutes more but the noise continued so he forced the door opened and saw them doing it red handed.
Out of annoyance he rained punches on the best man who escaped without shirt as the fiancee shouted for help.
The whole people in the house woke up in pandamonum as relatives of the best man helped to calm the guy down.
This is the hieght of unfaithfulness and infidelity. Right before the man’s nose?
The information actually was leaked on the social media by a user who happens to be the man’s friend.

What do you think?

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See screenshots from the social media platform post below.

best man

best man

best man

best man

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