UN’s Resolution on Israel and Palestine Differences- A Time Bomb Waiting to Go Off

West Bank-one  the Disputed Areas Between Israel And Palestine

(Someone sent us this write-up so we publish it for our esteemed followers)
I don’t Think Christians Around the World understand the Seriousness of the Resolution that the UN Passed against Israel on Friday the 24th of Dec 2016. Forcing Israel Back to their 1967 Borders. The Bible Prophecy said will Happen. The Obama Administration did not use their Veto Right to Protect Israel as in the Past Years. USA did not vote on Bill 181 on Friday and the UN Sign the Bill into effect! Meaning Israel was Placed on Notice to vacate the Westbank, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights , for it is now Unlawfully occupied by Jerusalem. This Means The Birth City of Jesus-Bethlehem , The Grave of Jesus and Golgotha Hill has been Given to Muslim Palestine.

This Israel already indicated will not be Done! They said in no uncertain terms, This will Lead to War. The UN against Israel !

Although this was a Last attempt by Obama to Stab Israel in the Back . President Elect Donald Trump tweeted that AFTER the 20th of Jan 2017 the World will see another UN , There is nothing that The New President of USA can do against The Resolution Passed by the UN Already!

Bible Prophecy States , That USA will Join Israel in 2017 as the USA will withdraw themselves from NATO and Possibility the UN. Bible Prophecy Daniel 7 . Eagle Wings detaching from Lion and in Revelations 12 Joining The Women with the 12 Stars = Israel.

Bible Prophecy states that Gog (Russia) and Magog (Iran) will get UN Orders to chance Israel from the Land , Westbank, Jerusalem and Golan Heights. Daniel 11 and Ezekiel 38 and 39.

God will Fight this War on behalf of Israel . this is called the Gog and Magog Battle of the 6th Trumpet War were 1/3 of the World Population will DIE. Revelations 9. Ezek 38v 22 , Job 38v22 and Ex 9

Lets look at the Timeline of Events from Now to the Battle of Armageddon

Next the Battle of Armageddon. Ending World War 3 , The 6th Trumpet War.
After the War The New World Order will Arrange Peace in the Form of the Jewish Messiah ( The Antichrist)
Israel will Hand the Westbank to Palestine for the Approval of Building the 3rd Jewish Temple in Temple Mount next to the Dome of the Rock . At the Signing of this Agreement called the 7 year Peace agreement , The World will be at Peace for 3 and half years, This is when the Last Great Christian Revival will take Place Until The Jewish Messiah stops Sacrifices in the Newly Build Temple and Implement the Mark of the Beast , the 666. Then the Great Tribulation Starts and then The Wrath of God and then at the End of the 7 Years the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ and the Rapture. just before the 7th Trumpet war , The Battle of Armageddon.

Friends I Hope your Faith is Strong, Your Clothes washed in the Blood and Your Lamps filled with Oil. For Bible Prophecy is Coming to fulfilment in front of our Eyes.

Bride of Christ get Ready!!!!!!!
Grace and Mercy Speaks Louder Than Judgment.

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