Daddy G. O : tactical resignation or retirement: An unpleasant development

Daddy G.O

(one of our followers forwarded this message to us for publication and we feel we share it with our teeming readers and followers.)

Daddy G.O  :While I agree totally with the call for Christians to go into politics én mass, I would rather call for the church first of all to go into prayers. Haven’t we seen sound Christians who went into politics and became compromised by the monstrous spirit of corruption and mammonry that has eaten dip into our political system and taken root in all the seats of power?

This ungodly law that is supposedly signed into law by the National Assembly did not start as a national issue but an expression of grief by one man who became aggrieved by his pastor and general overseer. This man is the current boss of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria.

This said man was a pastor with the RCCG who became envious of the success and power wielded by the General Overseer, because, he himself is a power hungry man. He became head of the FRC after repeatedly backstabbing his boss to whom he was number two with repeated petitions to the higher authorities against his boss until he had his way.

He has never had anything good to say about his  Daddy G. O. He had always spoken I’ll of him to whoever cares to hear. While he was still a pastor under the RCCG, he bragged that he had not stepped his foot into the Redemption Camp in many years.

He had always complained that the G O has asked other pastors to step down after reaching 70 years and he himself has refused to do so. And had bragged on a few occasions that he would ensure  Daddy G. O steps down.

Let me add that neither he the boss nor the parastatal he heads (FRCN) has the power to execute the law, but he did. Financial Reporting Council has its jurisdiction whose bounds this man has overstepped. Recently, the kangaroo Acts of the FRC he concocted alone to favour him and his draconian regime was repealed by the National Assembly or so it seems. His satanic high handedness style of governance has been a thing of concern in the parastatal.

He became so power drunk that he tried to insult the integrity of the G O four years ago when Daddy G. O asked that he comes to see him. Only then was his church file as a pastor reviewed and he got suspended from the church. He became all the more drunk with power when he got someone who introduced him to the then president. There, he found an opportunity to present this matter to the president and gave reasons why churches and mosques should start paying taxes. He convinced the president then by running down God’s servants.

He was an easy tool then because he came very handy to be used against the then Central Bank governor which led to his suspension from office. This drew him closer to the president and tactically had the president’s ear. It was at that point he made way to express his devilish desire against the church with his G O as main target.

When the church suspended him and the then president left office, he quickly joined himself to Latter Rain Church and got introduced to the pastor through a member of staff of the FRC who worships there. This he did subtly because of the closeness of the pastor to this present government so he can get introduced to the new Preside Buhari. That was done.

His staff in the office are groaning under his hard leadership and cannot speak out because he had held them bound with threats and fear. This man who today is an enemy of the church has been implicated in wizardry and witchcraft and belonging to the occult. He has some cases of abuse of office and immoral activities going on in court against him which he lost recently.

Today, he is laughing because it seems his agenda is playing out. He is boasting that it will spread to all the other long serving G.O.s This, he will achieve if the church does not arise to both pray and cease power first from the realm of the spirit.

In Acts 12:1-10, when Herod took James and killed him and no one did anything, he proceeded to take the leader of the apostles- Peter. That’s when the church woke up to prayers and intervention came in verse 5-10.

In Acts 7:1-end, Saul ensured Steven died and no one stood against him, so he proceeded to Damascus to clean up the church until the Master intervened because the church prayed.

Who said the bill can not be reversed? Why should the church be dictated to by the state when the state has no hand in leading the church? Didn’t our Lord Jesus say He will build His church and the gates of hell cannot not prevail against it? Why is hell raging now and we are complying?

Haman’s Bill in the book of Esther was countered. Joshua stopped time until he overthrew evil kings. Where is the power today in the church? We see not our signs. (Ps. 74:9)

The state cannot dictate to the church when her leaders should come in and out and who they should handover to. If we don’t fight this evil now, it will develop into something worse that will bring regrets to the church. Who knows; they could start telling the pastors what to preach and what not to preach. What pastors should wear and not wear etc.

Let’s call for a Solemn Assembly and let the priests weep between the porch and the altar until this evil quickly dies out.

Awake O Zion and trim your light. Arise O church and shine for your light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.
It is a dark period for the world but the best time for the church to shine (Is.60:2)


Disclaimer: This auto of this write-up is entitled to his opinion. Publishing it does not mean we agree with his opinion, hence dissociates herself from any opinion expressed by the author or anyone’s comment on this article.

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