Video: Massive Demonstration by IPOB Members over Secret trial of Nnamdi Kanu

Secret Trial

Checkout mass protest of IPOB members in Abuja yesterday over secret trial move by the court on their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

At some point the court session became rowdy as the man standing trial Nnamdi Kanu lose his cool and started shouted at the Judge over the purported move of secret trial on him.

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The issue of secret trial has raise a lot of dust recently by both IPOB and the public analysts who said it was wrong to conduct secret trial on the Radio Biafra Director.

Some said if there is nothing to hide by the Federal Government, Nnamdi Kanu should be tried in the open for the whole world to see and witness how fair the judgement will go.

Nanmdi Kanu and three others have being standing trial on charges of treason and illegal operation of radio station.

secret trial

Meanwhile, Nnamdi Kanu had asked the court to quash all charges against him and declare him discharged and acquitted.

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On the hand, Punch reported that the secret trial had begun at the Abuja High where journalist were barred and witnesses testifying against the accused where shielded to protect their identities.


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