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Fulani Herdsmen With Their Cattle Grazing at Ojukwu’s University Campus

Fulani Herdsmen have taken over the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Igbariam campus with their cattle grazing freely in the environment.
According to Vanguard’s report, cow dung covered all the asphalted roads across the campus as well as around the entire university surroundings such as lecture theatres, faculty of admin buildings even with the bubbling school activities going on.
When the Governor of Ekiti stood to resist such indescrimintae grazing hy the Fulani Herdsmen, many interpreted it as tribal sentiments, while others said he was being wicked.
As it is, nobody in the school community has summoned courage to confront the said fulani herdsmen to desist from the act.

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According to the Newspaper, someone who spoke with the correspondent said cows have become integral part of the school community since no one has shown interest in stopping the trend.


“It is embarrassing to see this kind of thing in the university campus every day and I wonder what the management of the university is doing about it. Sometimes one would stay for minutes waiting for cows to pass, even when one is trying to beat time,” a visitor to the school was quoted.

A staff of the University who called his name Douglas said there was a time students decided to solve the problem their own way,, but were stopped by management.

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“I know that authorities of this university can stop this menace if they want to, but it would appear that they are afraid of taking the necessary action and I don’t know why,” Douglas said.

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