Nigerian wives

Nigerian wives

A friend forwarded this message to me and I decided to share it here.
Do you agree with the following analysis? I reserve my opinion until I hear yours first.
Tell us what you think after reading through.

1. Very respectful to husband.
2. Very respectful to in-laws.
3. Most times educated.
4. Yielding and submissive.
5. Likes sex

1. Would most likely have had one kid for another man before you and after you.
2. Will most likely cheat at 65% with one uncle or Oga at office.
3. Possibly give you another man’s kid in between your kids.
4. Tell her mother or sister or friends everything.
5. May jazz you up.
6. Will fill you with pepper, palm oil, assorted and Amala.
7. Probably will marry another man even if you split at 60 years of age.
8. If she makes more money than you or make less, her uncles will finally start to drop her off in front of the house with a peck.

1. Everything Good
1. If you are not a muslim, no chance.
2. You may eventually have to show her where the Promised Land is.
3. Even when you do, it must be in the dark.

1. Can not cheat on you.
2. Can also cook good food.
3. Looks after kids and you.
4. Most times well endowed.
5. Very respectful.
6. Very thrifty.
7. Always has one brother or sister in Europe to bail you out in hard times.
8. Does not leave you even if you are semi-dead, quarter dead or dead.
9. If she makes more money than you she remains loyal but after building 10 houses you have no idea about.

1. May have signed your death day the day you were married.
2. You have a 98.75% chance of dying before her.
3. Eventually you die and she becomes the landlady.
4. She may have built her own house while you guys were living in a room and parlor without you knowing.
5. May have done runs before you got married.


1. Loyal to her husband
2. Gives kids good nourishing food with vegetable and many spices.
3. Is very clean.
4. Is ready to fight anybody alongside her husband and break their head or even fight while the husband watches.
5. Even if her husband leaves her at 30, she has only a 3% chance of remarrying after kids.

1. Very disrespectful to everyone including you.
2. After breaking the neighbors’ head will one day break yours.
3. Only regards you as a man if you have money.
4. Views love as spending power.
5. May not really love you but will marry you because you are ready and her real lover is not.
6. Will spend every dime of yours without touching hers.
7. Does not tolerate your in-laws and disrespects them.
8. If she makes more money than you, she will become very rude and her family will remember how such a very useless in-law you are.
9. When there is a fight, her brothers will come and join in breaking your head.


1. Always loyal/faithful (cheating is outright abomination)
2. Very hardworking and self reliant.
3. Very good cook (banga soup, owo, seafood special).
4. Can persevere in poverty conditions
5. Accommodating if a second wife shows up.
6. What you see is what you get kind of attitude.
7. Would lay down their life for their children.

1. Argumentative
2. Stubborn
3. Alcoholic tendencies
4. Some level of gra-gra
5. Very very very vocal


1. She will load you with so much food that everything else is poison.
2. She will also f*** your brains out.
3. Also loyal and respectful but will also break your head if you misbehave.
4. Very clean

1. She will f*** your brains out finally.
2. She will either be very slim, have an extremely large ass or be very short.
3. You will share shaving stick as she may have facial/chest hair.
4. Even if you wanna leave her, the f**king and feeding will keep you coming back for more.

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