Video: See Secondary School Students Doing it Live While Teacher is Teaching


student doing it

OMG, this is unbelievable as secondary school students are doing it live in the class as the teacher is teaching.

What is this world turning into? To think children are sent to school to learn and they end having the impetus to engage in such a dastardly act of doing it right in the class, it too huge to contend.

Photo: 3 Dead as Religious Crisis Erupt at Kabala Junction in Kaduna State

religious crisis

religious crisis

A report alleges that religious crisis just broke out at Kabala junction in Kaduna state with 3 deaths recorded while many others injured.

Kaduna state has been a volatile city when it comes to a religious crisis.

This is because the state has in the recent past witnessed several catastrophic religious brouhahas leading to loss of human lives and property.

Video: Naija Girls Twerking in a Very Sed**ctive Way Guys Beware

In the video below naija girls were seen twerking in a very offensive way showing many private parts of their bodies.
The way twerking has become a trendy thing all over the world is confusing.
Is it really a type of dance or just a way to demonstrate that you are flexible?

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Female FBI Agent, Daniela Greene Sent to Spy on ISIS Leader Ended up Marrying Him

Daniela Greene
Daniela Greene
Daniela Greene and The ISIS Leader

Wonders shall never end as a top female FBI security personnel assigned to monitor and spy on  Denis Cuspert, a notorious former German rapper who went by the name of Deso Dogg, he turned into ISIS recruiter and leader eventually got married to him in Syria.

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