Female FBI Agent, Daniela Greene Sent to Spy on ISIS Leader Ended up Marrying Him

Daniela Greene
Daniela Greene
Daniela Greene and The ISIS Leader

Wonders shall never end as a top female FBI security personnel assigned to monitor and spy on  Denis Cuspert, a notorious former German rapper who went by the name of Deso Dogg, he turned into ISIS recruiter and leader eventually got married to him in Syria.

The court in the USA presented evidence last Tuesday that she actually traveled to Syria through Turkey to the ISIS camp and got married to the  ISIS recruiter and leader in Syria, CNN  reports.

The female FBI agent, Daniela Greene allegedly sneaked into the ISIS camp in June 2014 then got married to the ISIS leader and shortly after that started regretting her move and wanted to leave the place back to the USA.

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Meanwhile, she was declared missing in America since no one knew where she had gone to.

Though it was dangerous for her to have thought of returning to America after getting married because ISIS would not have spared her life, no one knows how she managed to return to the US in August same year.

But immediately after her arrival in the USA, she was arrested, where she co-operated with the security agents telling them how it all happened.

CNN reports that Daniela Greene who was born in Czechoslovakia and married a US soldier, began work at the FBI in 2011, with no problems until her mysterious disappearance in June 2014.

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“I really made a mess of things this time,” she told a friend in a July 2014 email from IS territory.

Expressing her regrets after the marriage in Syria Greene said “I don’t know how long I will last here, but it doesn’t matter, it’s all a little too late,”

Greene was handed a light sentence of 24 months and was later released after serving her term.

Meanwhile, Denis Cuspert was declared by the United States of America as a terrorist after he was seen among ISIS in videos carrying the head of ISIS victim in his hands.

What a way of falling in love.

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