Video: See 4 Things Buhari Failed to Talk About That Should Worry Nigerians

Buhari Failed to Talk About

President Muhammadu Buhari after returning to the country on Saturday 19 Aug. 2017 addressed the nation on Monday 21st August 2017 at 7Am making strong statements of reaffirmation on his determination to stamp out Boko Haram, Militancy, and other crimes.

But President Buhari failed to talk about some very critical and important things that most Nigerians were waiting anxiously to hear him say something about.

Even though Buhari’s speech was quite brief taking just about five minutes, Nigerians expected him to touch at least the four fundamental issues.

Having left the country on May 7th on medical treatment in London, after which so many things went wrong in his absence such as tribal segregation, disunity among ethnic groups, giving rise to hate speeches, ultimatum by some quarters to some other tribes to vacate their environments, Boko Haram becoming more stronger again, the fight against corruption appearing to be reducing , economy biting harder on citizenry, with no one knowing the cause and state of Buhari’s health, The Federal Government not been willing to disclose any details about Mr. president’s health condition etc,
one would have thought that the following crucial issues were going to be touched in Buhari’s speech.

Buhari failed to talk about the following issues

1. Buhari failed to talk about the cause of his health.
Recall that when former President Umaru Yar Adua took ill in March 2010 and proceeded on medical vacation, the Presidential team after Yar Adua was properly diagnosed in the hospital announced to the nation what exactly was wrong with him.
One may argue that that wouldn’t be relevant to Nigerians, but do not forget that Nigerians have to right to know the health status of their leader whom they voted into power to help them out with good leadership.

2. Buhari failed to talk about the status of his health.
Having stayed in London for more than 100 days leaving governance to his vice who became acting president, courtesy demands that he should reassure Nigerians he is either completely healed or will return in due course for further treatment.
Nigerians need to know because Buhari is their President.

3.Buhari failed to talk about his anti-corruption fight, re-engineering or plan. With no serious conviction in more than 2 years now, one of the cardinal reasons Nigerians voted him as their President was this assertion that Buhari was not corrupt and was determined to fight corruption.
I am sure Nigerians are getting discouraged by this singular weakness of his administration.
Rather what we keep seeing is smaller corruption cases being concluded fast while high-profile cases involving huge sums of money are been delayed.

4. Buhari did not talk about restructuring or devolution of power.
The principle of restructuring with regards to Nigeria as a country suggests that the structure of Nigeria be reshaped as many analysts believe it is a critical thing to do right now. Instead, President Buhari vowed to deal decisively with whosoever come up with issues related to the structure or redefinition of how Nigeria should be run.

This article was sent to our news desk  by Rasheed J.T.

See Below the Video of his broadcast

Note: While the writer has the right to express his opinion, does not necessarily agree with his opinion or those of commenters on this article.

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