Video: Nigerian Military Abusing a Young Boy, Human Rights Abuse

human rights abuse

Human Rights Abuse by the Nigerian Military can never stop.

No matter what these young men may have done, do they really deserve this kind of punishment?

What does the law say about punishing them?

Are we still living in the dark days when the military was above the law?

What is the government of this country doing about such quantum of human rights abuse every day by the military forces?



Humanrights watch accuse Police, Soldiers, Vigilantes, other government workers of raping and sexually exploiting Female IDPs

In this video, you will see the corporal punishment dished out by the men and women in uniform on these poor boys.

This human rights abuse must stop this in the country.

This is condemnable by all right-thinking human.

We call on the government at all levels to come out against such abuse to safeguard the citizenry.


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