Breathtaking Video: M.A.N makes a Swimming Luxury Bus, See it in Action

Swimming Luxury Bus

swimming luxury buss
There is always an issue where commuters travelling find themselves in a situation where the road is blocked only river surrounds the road so no movement for as long as the road remains blocked.

Businesses are grounded other very important schedules are not left out.

What Do You Think About This Photo? Drop Your Comment


A Facebook fan of ours posted this picture with a comment saying is finished.

DO you agree with him?

What have you to say about this photo? Or you do not have any comment at all about the photo?

We Still Can’t Access Our Money – Stranded Investors Cry Out Bitterly as MMM Returns

mmm nigeria

mmm nigeria

Some participants of MMM, the most popular Ponzi scheme in Nigeria have finally gotten a reason to rejoice upon the return of the suspended scheme, while some are crying out that they are yet to access their funds.

Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, a Ponzi scheme known simply as MMM, on Friday, opened for business after one month of break, but investors in the scheme have remained stranded as they still cannot access their funds.

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone could run a PC

Galaxy S8

Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone could give users the ability to plug it into a screen and turn it into a desktop personal COMPUTER, according to a media report.

The All About Windows Phone blog posted a leaked slide from a presentation showing a Samsung smartphone being connected to a screen with a keyboard and mouse. The slide is titled “Samsung Desktop Experience” and shows a phone powering a screen to create a multi-tasking interface, presumably running on Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Arik Air Passengers Sleep on Bare Floor at Lagos International Airport

arik air passengers

It is no news that making money is not easy, perhaps what is news is the fact that after going through the rigors of making this money, you still have to face another bout of stress and discomfort to spend it like what happened to Arik Air passengers this time.

Nigerian Breweries In Lagos Engulfed in fire

There was massive fire outbreak in the premises of Nigerian Breweries In Lagos today. Channels Television correspondent reports that the factory of the breweries was engulfed in wild fire.

The fire service officers were seen as at the time of this report battling to put out the inferno.
National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA said though their officials that the fire started at about 5:30am Sunday morning.

So far no death has been recorded in the incident and the cause of the blaze is yet to be known.
However, about three victims confirmed to be staffers of the breweries have been moved for medication by NEMA officials.
The Breweries’s Adviser on Corporate Affairs, Mr Kufre Ekanem, said the fire has been brought under control.

BREAKING: MMM founder Sergey Mavrodi tells Nigerian bloggers, journalists to leave MMM alone

Sergey Mavrodi

Sergey Mavrodi, the founder of Mavrodi Mundial Movement (MMM) has written an open letter to Nigerian journalists whom he claimed are causing unnecessary tension in the country.

According to him, MMM will be back by January as earlier stated, hence the rumour about the scheme collapse should stop.

MMM Founder: This video will panic you as MMM user

mmm founder

As a user of MMM, if you watch this documentary on the MMM founder, you will definitely have a rethink and your panic level will increase.

But the essence of this article is not to scare you.

The article is only to open your eyes to what might likely happen so you will be ready to face any outcome.

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