Breaking: Ultimate Cycler is back again, founder announces to the public

Ultimate Cycler is back again
CEO, Ultimate Cycler – Peter Wolfing

Ultimate Cycler happens to be one of the most popular money doubling schemes around the world and was shut down weeks back with a lot of panic by its users across the globe, however, good news has broken out when the founder came out hours ago to announce on his Facebook page that Ultimate Cycler is back.

The founder ,Peter Wolfing said they all the while have being spending their time reprogramming the portal to enhance their operation and server their users more efficiently.
On his Facebook account he wrote “UC Launch update. We are moving data and site files so if the site does not come up, DON’T PANIC. Patience grasshopper.”

Facebook is Banning Snapchat QR Codes from Profiles & Pages – Here’s Why

Facebook is going after Snapchat by banning the service’s QR codes that are shared on profiles and pages as profile images.
Facebook Does Not Like it When Someone Promotes ‘Third-Parties,’ That’s Why it is Banning Snapchat QR Codes
Facebook has a strict set of guidelines which everyone has to follow otherwise the social network throws in a spanner to abruptly put things to a halt for the user. For instance, you may not realize this, but you cannot have a Snapcode (Snapchat QR code for following a profile) set as your profile image. If you do this, Facebook will send you a notice instantly, asking you to take down the image, and put something up that is either your photo or the brand to which the page belongs. Failure to do so will result in the removal of your profile picture by Facebook itself.

NCC suspends planned Increment in data tariff


NCC on Data  Tarrif  Hike:
Nigerian Communications Commission NCC’s authorities have suspended the its intention to increase data tarrif on all telecommunication networks with effect from December 1st. In a statement issued by the commisioner explains that the move is to allow for more consultations with the various.
Recall that both social, print and other media sources have been on fire with reactions from Nigerias who describe the planned increment as been insensitive and wicked by the government.

Tech CEO resigns after threatening to kill Trump


The CEO of a cybersecurity organisation that threatened to assassinate the President-elect, Donald Trump has resigned under duress.
“The PacketSled Board of Directors accepted the resignation of President and CEO Matthew Harrigan, effective immediately,” the firm said in a statement on its website posted Tuesday.
Packetsled said on Monday that it has taken seriously Mathew Harigan’s facebook comment and has alerted the secret service.

As Trump Starts Trade War, China Threatens “Tit-For-Tat” on iPhone Sales

trade war Donald Trump, the President-elect repeatedly targeted China during his presidential campaign. He vowed to take a tougher stance on trade in hopes of bringing manufacturing back to the United States. China’s state-backed newspaper has now published a story saying the government would respond with countermeasures if Trump starts a trade war against the country.

Uganda to Start Exporting HouseMaids to Jordan


The Ugandan government has agreed to begin exportation of housemaids(also known as house-helps) to Jordan. The Government had initially placeda ban on use of their children as maids in Jordan following several complaints of sexual harassment and torture from the sub Sahara nationals.
During a closed door meeting between Janat Mukwaya, the Minister of Gender, labour and Social development and officials from Jordan. The drafted agreement was signed by both parties. Jordan officials are to pay 50,000 Ugandan shilling as insurance and assurance fee .

Snake Appears in the Aircraft As Passengers Scampers for Safety(Photo)


Passengers on board Mexico aircraft ran for their dear lives as a 3ft long snake dropped from an overhead locker in the plane.
On sighting the snake they scampered for safety causing the pilot to make emergency landing which saw animal control staff capturing the reptile.
The authority of the airline said they will investigate to find out how the animal got there and to do all within its powers to ensure the incident does not happen again.

MMM is a Scam be Warned , Central Bank of Nigeria Alerts the Public


Nigerians have been warned by the Central bank of Nigeria from patroinsing one of Ponzi scheme company, MMM federal Republic of Nigeria.
During the warning, the apex bank stated that the scheme was fraudulent, not registered, not regulated and not in accordance with any known business model describing it as a ‘wonder bank’
Speaking during a mentoring program for students of Government Secondary School, Suleja, the head of the consumer protection department of the CBN Kadija Kassim said the activities of the scheme is not regulated by any institution.
Kassim referring to the scheme as ‘wonder bank’ cautioned Nigerians on patronizing activities of the MMM scheme which stands for Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox.
A lot of Nigerians are already lured into doing business with the scheme which pays interests of about 30% of every investor.

“We have heard about the activities of MMM, but I want to warn you against it because they are wonder banks that are not regulated. Desist from their activities because they are fraudulent,” Kassim said.
Speaking on the theme of the year’s world savings day: “Don’t save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving”, Kassim said such approach would assist in the needed awareness for savings.

“The World Savings Day is a tradition created with the objective of stressing the importance of savings for modern economies and individuals alike. “The primary objective is to increase awareness on financial literacy among various segments of the general public to sensitize them to the importance of saving, earning a livelihood, inculcating a savings habit, and generating employment and entrepreneurship for personal and national development,” she said.
But some Nigerians have reacted to this call by the CBN insisting they will continue with the scheme.
What is your opinion? have you benefited from them before? What was your experience like?

Senate to Federal Government, “No Nigerians Communication Service Tax (CST) will make life unbearable for Nigerians”

The Federal Government of Nigeria’s proposal to introduce tax on all telephone calls on Nigerians appear to have met with Senate’s resistance as the upper house described it as unacceptable.

The Senate explained that already with the recession, things aren’t too easy for Nigerians, introducing such tax will make life more unbearable for the citizens.
According to Vanguard, Speaking yesterday in Abuja, during the 2016 budget defence meeting with the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, and the Universal Service Provision Fund, USPF, Chairman, Senate Committee on Communications, Senator Gilbert Nnaji, cautioned against the move by the federal government to further burden Nigerians with new taxes, especially in the face of ongoing economic recession.

Nnaji expressed concern over the impact of such tax especially on the welfare of the low income earners.
The said bill proposes to ensure mandatory payment of certain amount of money by communication consumers as tax.

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