Foremost TV host Emmanuel Ugolee needs urgent help for kidney transplant

kidney transplant

This is a personal plea to help save a friend of mine, Emmanuel Ugolee. No one who has followed the evolution of Nigerian entertainment would be a stranger to his name as we all recall his enormous contribution to its growth.

Many of us would also recall that in 2012 he was diagnosed with stage 5 of the chronic kidney disease which placed him on dialysis as the source of sustaining his life until he could get a kidney transplant which he got in India on February 22, 2012 paying for it by his own efforts.

Exclusive: Cross-dresser, Bayo accuses upcoming actress of being fetish, she fires back saying he stole her 60k & lives a fake life


This evening, popular cross dresser, Bayo aka Funky Chacha took to his Instagram page to divulge details about how his close friend of six years, upcoming Nollywood actress, Amanda Akano accused him of stealing 60k from her box after she consulted a native doctor/ herbalist called Baba Fadeyi introduced to her by her mum.

I will bang all men in your family if you f**k with me – Heartbroken OAP warns future partner


Wao!,an OAP at it again.Times have changed, people have changed, values have as well changed. What used to be sacred is no longer treated with respect. Acts that were seen as abomination are now normal and trendy things to do. Call it stone age reasoning you may be right but this guaranteed better human value, character and mutual respect.

Kanye West’s doctor says he tried to assault hospital staff – warned police that he could be violent!

kanye west

Kanye West who has been hospitalized at Los Angeles Hospital in US has been diagnosed to be suffering from Temporary Psychosis Due to Sleep Deprivation.
His personal Doctor called 911, warning the dispatcher Kanye West was not violent but may become violent when police arrived to help him. The Law enforcement source tell us, the call came in as a male with mental illness.
Dr. Michael Farzam said his patient’s name was “Jim Jones, 39 years old, 5’8″, 175 lbs … suffers from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration.”
According to the police report the doctor told cops he had placed Kanye on a 5150 psychiatric hold and wanted him taken to UCLA Medical Center.

We’re told there’s an issue over whether the doctor actually placed Kanye on a 5150. The report goes on to say Dr. Farzam told police he had attempted to assault a staff member at the gym. We’re told West was handcuffed to the stretcher because it’s protocol when cops are told someone is on a 5150 hold.
Meanwhile his wife, Kim Kardashian is reportedly terrified by the ailment , had to rush back from her foreign trip to come and attend to her husband, Kanye west in the hospital.

Kenneth Okonkwo:”I preached on the Holy Ghost power and hundreds of thousands of people gave their lives to Christ”

kenneth okonkwo

Kenneth Okonkwo one of the prominent Nollywood actors turned preacher/pastor has taken to his Instagram page to announce that he now preaches and thousands of people give their lives to Christ.

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