An Edo girl in Italy cries out calling relatives in Nigeria to take it easy as they place demands on her.
It is a common believe that ones someone’s relative travels abroad to US or Europe, then the traveler becomes rich over night. Family members begin to mount pressure on the person to send home financial assistance.
In the following video, the edo girl who spoke in both her native dialect and pigin English said its hard in Italy to make reasonable money.
Meanwhile as people back ask for huge amounts like 200 Euros, it is pretty difficult to make such an amount as sex per round there by her is just £5 equivalent to N1630 only.
She said to make £200 which is about N65200 , the girl’s body will suffer because she has to work very hard before she can make such amount of money.



Most times we get involved in doing things that amount to waste of our personal time.

For example, watching TV all day seems like a waste of time when you could be using your time to do something better like going out for a walk or spending time with friends or family.

pretty police officer

pretty police officer

Many believe that everything about Nigerian police is bad and evil.
Maybe due to how most police officers conduct the affairs of their duty and assignment.

But here is a very pretty police officer. What can you say to the pretty police officer? or will you still say she is not pretty all because is a police officer?

You are too old and uneducated, give way for a younger person in 2019- Bishop Simeon Okah

too old

The principal patriarch of the Flock of Christ Mission, Enerhen-Effurun, Delta State, Bishop Simeon Okah has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to put aside his 2019 presidential ambition.
The Bishop insisted that President Buhari is way to old and uneducated to pilot the affairs of this complicated country like Nigeria.

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