Say a word to this pretty police officer

pretty police officer

Many believe that everything about Nigerian police is bad and evil.
Maybe due to how most police officers conduct the affairs of their duty and assignment.

But here is a very pretty police officer. What can you say to the pretty police officer? or will you still say she is not pretty all because is a police officer?


genuine spare parts

If you think all the road accidents is due to drunk driving or over-speeding then think again. You may be unaware of the vicious market of fake auto parts growing alongside the automobile industry.

As the number of vehicles on our roads balloons, spare parts business has increasingly become lucrative ranging from authorized dealers to quacks. Dealers have sprouted like milk and bread shops in various towns, villages and estates of the country.

You are too old and uneducated, give way for a younger person in 2019- Bishop Simeon Okah

too old

The principal patriarch of the Flock of Christ Mission, Enerhen-Effurun, Delta State, Bishop Simeon Okah has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to put aside his 2019 presidential ambition.
The Bishop insisted that President Buhari is way to old and uneducated to pilot the affairs of this complicated country like Nigeria.

See 2017 Prophesies Released by See Pastor E A Adeboye

Pastor E A Adeboye

Pastor E. A Adeboye the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, has released the 2017 prophesies . Pastor E. A Adeboye does that every crossover night service in the Redeemed camp.
Early this monring to mark the begining of the new incoming year 2017, Pastor Adeboye declared, he declared the the various prophecies asking his congregation and Nigerians as a whole to pray to see them coming to fulfilment.
Prophecies for Nigeria:
1. 2017 will be a year of surprises both for the oppressed and the oppressor; Those deliberately making life difficult for the common man will be relocated
2. The downward plunge will slow down, stop and reversal will begin

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