Exposed: See How Obama Funded ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Other Terror Groups(Video)

obama funded ISIS

Rep. Tulsi Garbbard is a US Democratic Congress woman who has come out to say Obama funded ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups across middle east and Africa.
Garbard first took to her twitter handle to air her view on sponsors of ISIS, Al-Qeada and other terror groups in Syria, Iraq and other countries pointing out that the US immediate past Government has been at the center of the funding of such terror groups.

Possible Al Qaeda terror attack planned for US election eve- FBI now investigating


Al Qaeda may be planning to attack three major US states on election eve. The states include New York, Texas and Virginia. This news has put the FBI on their toes with hectic investigations. The agency hasn’t confirmed the report though but they are not ready to take any such thing for granted.

War against boko haram, what we must know

war againts boko haram ,police receiving training
Nigerian Police Receiving Training on War Against Terror

War against boko haram terrorism is not a child’s play for Nigeria, and I doubt if it will ever be for any other nation no matter its military might and size of economy.

Please Note:

– War against Boko haram Terror is an ideological war and not much of arms war

-You first kill the ideology so the people can get disinterested in it to win the war

Go to Sambisa, Governor Fayose to Buhari

Governor Fayose
Governor Fayose of Ekiti State

Governor Fayose of Ekiti State has advised President Buhari  to allow the Judiciary do their work the way it should be done in the spirit of separation of powers as enshrined in the Nigerian  constitution.

Fayose insisted that the President must stop castigating the judiciary making it look like it is obstructing his fight against corruption.

Deadly Boko Haram Attack Killed About 80  

deadly boko haram

Deadly boko haram attack lunched last Saturday allegedly claimed several lives many of whom were children at  Dalori, a village of about  four kilometres  away from Maiduguri the state capital.

Punch reported that the militants overran the community where more than 80 people were killed, stating that Mohammed Kanar, the  Area Coordinator of the National Emergency Agency in Borno State said 86 bodies were picked up in the village on Sunday.

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