Exposed: See How Obama Funded ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Other Terror Groups(Video)

obama funded ISIS

Rep. Tulsi Garbbard is a US Democratic Congress woman who has come out to say Obama funded ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups across middle east and Africa.
Garbard first took to her twitter handle to air her view on sponsors of ISIS, Al-Qeada and other terror groups in Syria, Iraq and other countries pointing out that the US immediate past Government has been at the center of the funding of such terror groups.

Make the blood of unbelievers flow like a river- ISIS Leader Instructs Bombers

isis leader
Due to the closeness of the Iraqi forces to capture the Mosul city where the ISIS have their strongest hold in Iraq, the ISIS leader Abu Bakral –Baghdadi has urged suicide bombers to cause more havoc by attacking the unbelievers who are enemies of Allah and spill their blood to flow like river.

See The Original Founder of ISIS Terror Group(Photo)

Founder of ISIS
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi -Founder of ISIS Terror Group in Iraq

Founder of ISIS terror group also known as Islamic State is not Barack Obama the President of the US as asserted by the presidential candidate of the Republican Party in the United States’s in 2016 general election, Donald Trump.

The original  founder of Isis is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who hailed from Jordan. He founded ISIS in 2004.
During this time, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi relocated to Iraq with thousand of some insurgents volunteers to stage a war against the British and American forces that took over the country of Irag in the year 2003.

War against boko haram, what we must know

war againts boko haram ,police receiving training
Nigerian Police Receiving Training on War Against Terror

War against boko haram terrorism is not a child’s play for Nigeria, and I doubt if it will ever be for any other nation no matter its military might and size of economy.

Please Note:

– War against Boko haram Terror is an ideological war and not much of arms war

-You first kill the ideology so the people can get disinterested in it to win the war

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