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Pastor raping, pastor committing ritual, pastor into this or that.
The situation is becoming worrisome. Maybe we need to redefine the word pastor and trace the meaning and what it stands for.
At the last count, this year alone we have had around Nigeria alone such illegal cases involving pastors numbering about six or more.

The story titled above involves a pastor who’s wife is a prophetess. The pastor has been arrested for inviting his friends to gang-rape the wife and attempted to use her for rituals.
The man alleged to have committed the crime claim he is innocent. He said the wife the, prophetess has some psychological and emotional problem hence she could not longer be stable in attitude.
The clergy name who’s name is Uchenna Joseph, was arrested by the officers of the Ilisan Remo police division.

Vanguard reports that the woman, Patience Ohelimo, from Abakaliki in Ebonyi state, accused Pastor Joseph of conniving with some unknown persons to torture, gang-rape and attempt to sacrifice her for ritual purpose.

Nigerian Army

Nigerian Army

Nigerian army have ended lives of over 100 suspected militants during an attack on their hideouts in the south-west region of Nigeria.
A military source advised the attacks be sustained to avoid the militants from regrouping and causing greater mayhem.

Revealed by the source is the fact that about 114 suspected Niger delta militants were eliminated in the attack and scores others sustained injuries of various degrees in their camps in Lagos and Ogun states.
A combined effort of the Nigerian army, Navy and Air force took the battle to the militants in heavy bombardment style on July 28 referred to as operation “Crocodile Laugh” to prove to the militants they are ready to retake the Niger Delta region. This was confirmed by the director of the defence information, Brig Gen Rabe Abubakar.



The Nigerian Police Force was established decades ago based
on the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to
enforce the law as can be seen in section 214 of the 1999
constitution as amended. The Police is to exercise its
powers by fighting crime and securing lives and property
according to section 23 of the Police act as well.

Nnamdi Kanu declares Biafra quest is God's will for him

Nnamdi Kanu of Biafra

Nnamdi Kanu, the embattled Radio Biafra Director and leader of the Independent People of Biafra(IPOB) has spoken ones again from the detention airing his mind on his struggle.

Kanu said his quest to liberate the people of Biafra is not his personal wish but God’s decision and instruction.

He said it is the will of the almighty God which no man can stop. He made this known from prison detention on July 25th, claiming it wasn’t his personal intention to bring about a stir in the agitation but the will of God.


Pain of the Heart: Pastor Elisha who’s wife was killed for preaching in Abuja yestrday

Six suspects have been reportedly arrested in connection with the murder of a female Redeem Christain Church of God preacher Mrs. Eunice Olawale Elisha in Abuja.

The nation online reported that Eunice was allegedly killed in the early hours of Saturday morning at Kubwa, Abuja.

girl beheaded for ritual

girl beheaded for ritualThe story below is quite painful where a beautiful young girl in the above picture has been  beheaded by a man who posed as a suitor after meeting themselves on facebook.

Girls need to learn from this…talking about travelling miles just to meet a boyfriend/friend whom they can’t vouch for… Tragedy befell this pretty lady who had prospects of marrying and settling down, after her life was cut short by a man (suspected ritualist) who posed as a suitor  on Facebook and deceived her into traveling to Minna, Niger state just to see him….

ese oruru

ese oruru
Ese Oruru

Ese Oruru who lived with her family in Yenagoa,  was allegedly abducted in August 12th 2015 at Yenagoa , Bayelsa State by one Yunusa  and taken  to the Emir of Kano’s Palace in Kano Metropolis.

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