north korea

North Korea

Democrats have such selective memories. They wail and moan over President Trump’s threats to North Korea, but conveniently forget what Bill Clinton told Pyongyang over 20 years ago.

Just as today, when Bill Clinton was president in the early 1990s, Kim Jong-Un’s father was looking to field a nuclear arsenal against the United States.

North Korea

President Trump issues a stern warning telling North Korea that the US is fully prepared and ready to give them whatever you want to see.

In a tweet, he said their military systems are locked and loaded waiting for any attempt by Kim Jong Un takes an unwise decision to attack.


During his campaign for the office of the President of America, Donald Trump promised Americans he was stopping at nothing to ensure American remains the most powerful nation on earth.

And months after he was sworn in, Trump has confirmed that by renovating quickly the USA nuclear Arsenal.

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