Photo: “I Left My Panties At My Guy’s Place On My Way To Work” Shameless Lady Explains on a website


She is 27, her name is Jessica who spent a night with her boyfriend and left for work early in the morning forgetting to wear her panties and see what happened to her in the train.

Photos: Confusion as man have sex with Sister in law and post pictures on Facebook


A Kenyan man has done the unthinkable leaving people shocked as he had sex with his own sister-in-law and post the pictures on Facebook.
You see, social media is a place where wonders shall never seize to happen. Imagine what such an act may mean to his marriage and entire nuclear and extended family.

See Female Sex Robots with ‘functional vagina’ created for shy and timid men

sex robots
Sex Robots designed mainly for sexual satisfaction with complete sex genitals for men are been developed and shall be ready in 2017.
Uk Mirror reports that the Sex robots posses hyper realistic features never witnessed before with in-built heaters to enable them have genuine body warmth and sensors that can react to touch. They are called ‘RealDoll’, the machines are made by a California-based company called Abyss Creations.

No More Sex Until After Marriage(Photo)

no more sex until after marriage

A girl locked herself with a huge padlock key and declared that henceforth, there shall be no more sex until after marriage.

While many people commend her saying it is never too late to start a great feat, others express doubt if that will work.

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