A 30-year-old woman, Melanie Liverpool-Turner was arrested for pushing another woman, 49 year old Connie Watton, in front of a moving subway train in New York.

Witnesses said Liverpool-Turner, had been arguing with Watton, at the Times Square-42nd Street station on Monday. Police said the two women did not know each other.
Police spokeswoman said they were both standing on the downtown platform of the 1 train arguing when all of a sudden, Watton was shoved onto the tracks at around 1.20pm and pronounced dead on the scene shortly afterwards,
Metropolitan Transportation Authority worker said Liverpool-Turner looked ‘proud’ as she was led away by police officers.

donald and trump


Woman gives birth to twins and names them Donald and Trump
A woman from South Carolina who made headlines when she gave birth to twin boys at Grand Strand Medical Center and named them Donald and Trump says she has no regrets for giving them those names. The proud mum said:



This mean woman decided to butcher her husband for marrying a second wife.

Report says the woman who butchered her husband hails and resides in Ijebu ode in Ogun State.

During the time of this report, the man was battle for his life in the hospital.

Having butchered the man, she was arrested by men of the Nigerian Police.

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